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Originally from Los Angeles, Vanya moved to Chicago to start her career in journalism. She found peace in writing and creating stories, which is how she published her first book.

After her success, she published three more bestselling books under her pen name "Sarah Fogel" She still lives in Chicago with her fiancé.

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Reasons of playing online games

Be wise in choosing online games

We all love to play games in our smart phones as well as in laptops. Some people just play in their leisure time in their mobile phone for shorter period of time but there are also people who own a play station and various gaming consoles to get...

Liv @ Mb Review – All That You Know! 

Liv @ Mb Review – All That You Know! 

If you are from Singapore and are looking for a place, this guide has covered you. At LIV @ MB, it gives you a home on rent, and the view is so amazing that people love to take these houses on rent, and they also give you many facilities that make...

Memorial Lot Investment For Beginners

When you first start earning a little bit of money here and there, you should ideally end up investing it somewhere or the other at this current point in time. This will make it easier for you to save your money in a way that would not be impacted...

Taking a Party Bus For a Camping Trip

Going camping can be a truly amazing method for you to remember what living in the natural world used to be like, but in spite of the fact that this is the case you might find it rather tough to find people who are willing to go with you since the...

Party Bus Etiquette Rules You Must Follow

Just like there are rules for using everything, there are rules for using party buses as well. You are required to follow those rules when you are renting a party bus for any event. Party bus etiquette is designed to keep both of the party bus...